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The team at Eyesthetica believes in fully educating our patients on what to expect before any treatment — including cosmetic treatment with Juvederm. We don’t want our patients to look back on their experiences and wish they had known something about the treatment or recovery.

So far, in our practice, we have not had patients that felt uneducated or uninformed going into Juvederm treatment. But, we decided to scour the Internet to find out what other doctors’ patients say they wish they had known before Juvederm treatment. Here is what we found:

Choose a Qualified Injector

The skill of the person administering your Juvederm treatment matters substantially. Former patients advise looking for someone that is trained and certified to perform Juvederm injections — and someone that does a high volume of treatments on a regular basis and is intimately familiar with how the product behaves. Not only does this protect against possible problems, it also enhances the quality of the results.

A Little Bruising Is Normal

Some patients were surprised to experience slight bruising and swelling after treatment. As we tell our Juvederm patients, these side effects are normal and temporary. The affected area can be covered with cosmetics if going out in public. Also, Arnica is a natural supplement that is supposed to help with swelling and bruising. We would be happy to share our thoughts about Arnica and other possible solutions during the consultation.

Don’t Get Treatment the Day of a Big Event

Unfortunately, patients of other doctors have made the mistake of getting Juvederm on the day of an important event. We warn our patients, especially first-time Juvederm patients, to have treatment a few days before any big event, just in case minor side effects arise right after treatment.

Get on a Regular Schedule

Despite all the information out there about Juvederm, some patients are surprised to learn that the wrinkle-reducing effects are only temporary. Our team helps our patients get on a regular appointment schedule (every few months to a year or longer) to prolong the results of the treatment.

“I Wish I Had Started Sooner!”

We have read accounts from many people that said they wish they had discovered Juvederm earlier. When administered correctly, Juvederm treatment has incredible anti-aging powers and can turn back the clock on aging. Some patients wish they had started sooner and saved themselves years of feeling self-conscious about signs of facial aging.

If you are bothered by wrinkles or facial folds, don’t put off treatment and let the problems progress. Schedule a consultation with our doctors to discuss how Juvederm can help you. Call us today at (213) 451-6824 to make an appointment.

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