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Eyesthetica Fellowship
ASOPRS Program

Eyesthetica/USC Roski Eye Institute ASOPRS Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Fellowship

The combined Eyesthetica/USC Roski Eye Institute ASOPRS fellowship provides an excellent combination of university and private practice experience. The fellowship objectives include education of future oculofacial plastic surgeons with state-of-the-art functional eyelid, lacrimal, and orbital surgery and cutting-edge cosmetic facial surgery in order to create future leaders in our field. This training will allow the graduating fellow to acquire the skills to pursue an academic career or tertiary care private practice. All of the preceptors have well-balanced practices in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. In addition, subspecialty colleagues are available for additional training in facial plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology.

This even-year ASOPRS fellowship under Michael Burnstine, MD, dovetails nicely with the resources of USC and its full-time faculty (Sandy Zhang-Nunes, MD, Jessica Chang, MD, and Jonathan Kim, MD) and the Eyesthetica team (David B. Samimi, MD, Christopher C. Lo, MD, and Yao Wang, MD).

Oculofacial Surgeon Preceptors

Michael Burnstine, MD
Steven Dresner, MD
Sandy Zhang-Nunes, MD
Jessica Chang, MD
Jonathan Kim, MD
David B. Samimi, MD
Christopher C. Lo, MD
Guy Massry, MD
Yao Wang, MD
Bruce Becker, MD
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Former and Current Fellows

Nicolas Uzcategui, MD 2001-2003 Mesa, AZ
Harry Marshak, MD 2003-2005 Palm Desert, CA
Melanie Erb, MD 2005-2007 Irvine, CA
Alan McInnes, MD 2007-2009 Eagle, ID
Srinivas Iyengar, MD 2009-2011 San Diego, CA
David Samimi, MD 2011-2013 Los Angeles, CA
Priya Sahu, MD 2013-2015 New Orleans, LA
Helen Merritt, MD 2015-2017 Dallas, CA
Mica Bergman, MD 2016-2018 Santa Barbara, CA
Leslie Pfeiffer, MD 2017-2019 Dallas, CA
Eric Hamill, MD 2018-2020 Houston, TX
Christine Bokman, MD 2019-2021 Naples, Florida


Patient Testimonial

Excellent, caring professionals. I needed minor surgery and they were the best! Zero problems with the surgery, genuinely concerned about your aftercare, very polite and courteous, nice Pasadena art in waiting room. I even walked out with chocolate! (Can’t guarantee you will get that, though).

Patient Testimonial

I was scheduled to see Dr. Samimi for the first time this week. I ended up having a virtual appointment and I got lots of good information from him. He gave me direction on my medical problem and told me what he can do for me in the near future. I was pleased with all the help he provided me and look forward to seeing him for a follow up.

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