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Botox is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the country. Tens of millions of women (and men!) have discovered the incredible wrinkle-reducing effects of the injectable neurotoxin.

Since Botox is widely used in women of childbearing age, it is understandable that many wonder whether Botox is safe during pregnancy. The Eyesthetica team shares what you need to know in this blog post.

Neurotoxins Not Recommended to Expectant Mothers

Botox is classified as a Category C drug; this means that animal reproduction studies have demonstrated an adverse effect of Botox on the fetus, but no formal studies have been performed on pregnant women to determine the risks. (Similarly, it is unclear whether Botox can make its way into breastmilk). It is unlikely that the manufacturers of Botox will sponsor a legitimate study to look at the specific effects of Botox on a growing fetus.

Since the risks are unknown, the Eyesthetica team does not inject Botox when patients are pregnant. Instead, we advise expecting mothers to postpone treatment until after they have delivered and stopped breastfeeding.

“I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant and I Accidentally Had Botox”

With this information in mind, some women do have Botox injections in the very early stages of pregnancy before they realize they are expecting. This is not a significant cause for concern because:

  1. very small amounts of Botox are used, and
  2. the neurotoxin is injected into the facial muscles and stays local; does not circulate through the body

Women that undergo Botox treatment and later find out they are pregnant usually have uneventful pregnancies. Worrying about the possible risks can be harmful to the mother and baby, so we want to give expectant mothers some peace of mind.

If you just found out that you are expecting, and recently had Botox treatment to treat fine lines or wrinkles, do not worry. It is highly unlikely that Botox will affect your pregnancy or the baby. On the other hand, if you are well into your pregnancy, we suggest you be cautious and postpone Botox treatment until after you have had your baby.

Contact Eyesthetica for More Information about Botox

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