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Traditionally, the best way to treat sagging, heavy brows was through brow lift surgery. However, brow lift surgery is not suitable for the needs or goals of every candidate.

The oculoplastic surgeons at Eyesthetica are thrilled to offer a breakthrough alternative to brow lift surgery: the placement of the Su-Por AIRO brow implant to lift and fill sagging, heavy brows. Below, our doctors reveal signs that you may be a suitable candidate for temporal eyebrow elevation with the AIRO implant.

You Are Unhappy with a Sagging or Low Brow

The first indication that you may be well suited to placement of the AIRO brow implant is that you are unhappy with the low or sagging position of your eyebrows. This is probably due to the effects of aging, as the aging process is primarily responsible for the gradual descent of the brows. However, genetic or lifestyle factors may also be at play.

If you are bothered by heavy, droopy brows and feel they make you look aged, angry or tired, placement of the AIRO implant may benefit you greatly. The AIRO implant is designed to slightly elevate the eyebrows, giving you a more youthful, rested and approachable expression. It is intended to correct both eyebrow ptosis and retro-orbicularis oculi fat (ROOF) atrophy. ROOF is situated beneath the middle and outer thirds of the eyebrow, extending down onto the upper eyelid. ROOF helps support the brow and contributes to eyelid fullness and structure.

You Want a Minimally Invasive Solution

The second indication that the AIRO brow implant may be right for you is that you have considered your surgical treatment options and feel they are not suitable for your case. Maybe you hesitate at the thought of the time or financial commitment required by traditional brow lift surgery. Perhaps the thought of general anesthesia or surgery makes you nervous. Or, maybe you don’t have the option to block out enough time in your schedule for traditional surgery.

The AIRO brow implant is an exciting, minimally invasive option. It can be placed in an office-based setting or surgery center under local anesthesia. It is more cost-effective than surgical brow lift and patients have been very satisfied with the rapid recovery after the procedure. And, unlike traditional brow surgery, the AIRO brow implant can be placed through shorter incisions for very discreet scars.

Learn More about the AIRO Implant

For more information about lifting and filling the brows with the AIRO implant, please request a consultation with the Eyesthetica team. Call or email us to set up your appointment.

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