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After Your Surgery


You will receive a printed instruction sheet with details of post-operative care on the day of your surgery. Here is some information regarding common post-operative concerns.


Eyelid swelling is a normal part of the healing process and will likely increase over the first 48 hours before improving. To minimize swelling and bruising, we do recommend keeping the head elevated as much as possible and applying cold compresses to the eyes as much as tolerated for the first 48 hours. Frozen peas or corn can be conveniently placed in ziplock bags for use as cold compresses.


Most patients will have some bruising around the eyes after surgery. This does not affect ultimate outcome. To help improve facial bruising, patients may start applying warm compresses AFTER the first 48 hours. The bruising may travel and turn yellow as it is absorbing.


You will experience a small amount of bleeding from the eye or wound after surgery, this is normal. There is a possibility of seeing blood on your sheets or pillowcases in the morning. Most bleeding stops with continuous gentle pressure. If the bleeding is continuous or there is a sudden increase in pain and eyelids become tense and bulge forward, or there is an acute decrease in vision suggesting possible bleeding behind the eye, please call our office immediately.


It is common to have some degree of blurry vision after eyelid surgery. This usually occurs from healing material that clouds the tear film, ointment in the eye, dryness or a change in the shape of the eye from a temporarily tight eyelid. Most patients are able to see well enough to watch television but not read fine print. Every patient is different but this generally improves throughout the post-operative weeks. Some strategies to minimize the inconvenience of blurry vision include placing the ointment in one eye at a time to avoid both eyes being blurry, keeping the eyes well lubricated with artificial tears and gels and planning to have assistance in the post operative period.


Fortunately, eyelid surgery is relatively minor and most patients are able to continue their activities of daily living. To avoid disrupting the wound healing process and minimize post operative bleeding however, there are a few restrictions. Patients should avoid bending over, strenuous activity and heavy lifting for two weeks after surgery. Bathing is permitted with a recommendation to wash any debri from the hair backwards and be gentle while cleaning the face and eyelids. To maximize wound healing, it is recommended to avoid make-up near the operative site and excessive UV sun exposure for at least 2 weeks.


If you have questions or concerns that cannot wait until the first post-operative visit, there is a physician available 24 hours a day. During business hours you can call and start by talking to one of our trained technicians. After hours please call 213-451-6824 and follow the prompts to be connected with the on-call physician. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you care and want you to know we are available if you need us!

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