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November and December are popular times of the year for traveling, and the eye specialists at Eyesthetica don’t want you to miss a thing! Unfortunately, changes in vision and eye emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time. Follow these tips to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear as you enjoy your travels.

Fight Dry Eyes

Getting on a plane? Eyes naturally dry out in flight. Bring a small bottle of over-the-counter eye drops to lubricate dry, itchy eyes. If you plan to sleep for a few hours on the plane, take your contacts out. Also, stay hydrated by drinking at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day.

Bring the Right Supplies

It would be terrible to miss out on activities and sightseeing because you lose your visual aids. Do you wear glasses? Bring a backup pair in case the first breaks or gets lost. If you wear contacts, bring a second pair and your glasses.

Be Diligent about Contact Care

Never clean or store your contacts in tap water. The water in some areas may have bacteria that can be transmitted into your eyes and cause serious complications. Take out your contacts at night and keep them in their special case. Pack contact lens solution in your carry-on so it is close at all times. Bring a backup bottle in case the first opens and spills.

Don’t Forget Sunglasses

Even though it’s winter, wearing sunglasses is important — especially if you’ll be around snow. UV rays can bounce off snow and potentially sunburn your eyes. Bring a pair of sunglasses that blocks 99 percent of UV rays to keep your eyes safe (a wraparound style is best if you’ll be outside for prolonged periods of time).

Keep Your Vision Prescription Handy

The most prepared travelers keep a copy of their vision prescription on them at all times. In case contact lenses are lost, or glasses break, it is much easier and quicker to replace them with a current prescription on hand.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Help If You Need It

If you experience an eye emergency, such as a scratched cornea or sudden blurred vision, time is of the essence. Don’t postpone seeing a doctor until you return home. Seek a referral for a local ophthalmologist. Our office can help you find someone if necessary.

Has the flurry of holiday travel left you looking fatigued? Consider eyelid rejuvenation with the Eyesthetica team. Call Eyesthetica today at (213) 451-6824 to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.