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For many aging adults, sagging skin is a perpetual source of embarrassment. Have you ever wondered why your facial skin sags, and what you can do about it? Unfortunately, a quick Internet search leads to a lot of misinformation perpetuated as truths. Here, the Eyesthetica team clears up common myths about what does (and doesn’t) cause sagging skin.

Running Causes Skin Sagging – Myth

Two things contribute to skin sagging: the breakdown of collagen (a protein that gives skin its elastic quality) and loss of facial fat. The bouncing or jostling movements of running is not enough to damage the body’s collagen. However, what can lead to the breakdown of collagen is running outside and exposing the skin to the sun’s UV rays unprotected.

Sleep Position Can Cause Skin Sagging – Myth

Whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side, your sleep position cannot cause your skin to sag; although sleeping on your stomach as you get older may lead to creases and wrinkles, because the pillow can tug at your skin. As your skin becomes less elastic, it may not bounce back from the tugging as easily.

Weight Loss Causes Skin Sagging – Truth

Substantial weight fluctuation can cause the skin to sag. What happens is the skin stretches to accommodate extra weight and, as the weight falls off, the skin may not “snap back” and may no longer hug the tissues as tightly. Although this is primarily a problem with the body, it can also affect the face.

Smoking Causes Skin Sagging – Truth

Smoking is one of the worst habits for the health and appearance of the skin. Smoking accelerates the normal aging process and damages the skin’s collagen and elastin.

Over-the-Counter Products Can Reverse Sagging Skin – Truth

Certain over-the-counter and medical-grade retinoid products can boost the body’s collagen production for firmer, more elastic skin. Vitamin C serums can also help restore elasticity to the skin.

Talk to Eyesthetica about Your Skin Concerns

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