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One of the best ways to counteract wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of facial volume (without putting in a lot of time or funds) is with injections of Botox or dermal fillers. However, one drawback of non-surgical anti-aging treatment with these products is that the results are only temporary, and patients must schedule regular treatment to maintain the results long-term. If you are wondering just how often you would need to schedule repeat Botox or dermal filler treatment, the team at Eyesthetica has your answer here.

Results Vary between Patients

Results of cosmetic injectables vary among patients. However, on average, the effects of Botox last between three and six months, and the effects of dermal fillers (e.g., Juvederm, Restylane) can last six months up to a year, depending on the formulation and where it is placed.

The variation in results happens for several reasons. Lifestyle, sun exposure, skincare regimen, and genetics can all affect the result and effectiveness of injectable products. Some areas of the face that move very frequently — like the skin around the mouth — need to be injected more often. Certain people metabolize injectables differently. Larger or stronger facial muscles may cause Botox to wear off more quickly. Men, who tend to have stronger facial muscles, may require a higher dosage of the product or more frequent treatments.

The skill of the injector is important. A talented injector will know precisely where to inject the product and how much to use to maximize the results.

It is a myth that the body builds up antibodies to Botox and fillers, causing the effects to wear off more quickly over time. In fact, the opposite may be true. After a while, the effects of Botox or dermal fillers may last longer with each subsequent treatment. Botox or filler patients might find that they can go longer in between appointments and still enjoy smooth, youthful-looking skin.

Make Your Own Schedule

How often you choose to repeat treatment is up to you. Some people like to proactively schedule treatment before the injectable completely wears off. Other people are fine waiting until wrinkles and lines reappear.

To work out a treatment schedule that is best for your lifestyle and cosmetic needs, meet with our team of injectors at Eyesthetica. To make an appointment, please call (213) 451-6824 or email us today.

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