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The team at Eyesthetica wants to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year. Cosmetic treatment with our oculofacial plastic surgery specialists in Los Angeles can help you step into 2018 looking and feeling your absolute best. Read on as we share five reasons to consider rejuvenating your appearance next year.

To Minimize an Imperfection that Bothers You

Every patient that we meet has a specific imperfection or blemish that bothers them. Maybe it’s a genetic feature or the result of the aging process or sun damage. It could be a crow’s feet, a scar, a birthmark, a liver spot, or age spots. We are happy to help soften or erase these flaws and restore confidence and a healthy self-image.

After evaluating the specific blemish that bothers you, we can recommend the most suitable course of treatment. For example, we can soften crow’s feet or brow furrows with targeted Botox injections, treat saggy eyelid skin with blepharoplasty or eliminate the appearance of age or liver spots through a laser resurfacing treatment.

To Prepare for a Big Event

You might have a landmark event coming up in 2018, like a wedding, a class reunion, or an exotic vacation, where you will be seeing old friends or meeting new ones. Why not treat yourself to a rejuvenating procedure in order to prepare? Anti-aging treatments can help you feel more confident in a crowd and more likely to take photographs of yourself to commemorate the occasion.

To Treat Yourself After a Tough Year

Maybe you’re not so much excited about 2018 as looking forward to closing out a tough year. A difficult event (like a layoff, death in the family, or divorce) may have left you feeling tired and lackluster. Take this opportunity to pamper yourself and get on track for a superior 2018. You deserve to treat yourself.

To Nab that Promotion or New Job

Is a tired or aging appearance holding you back from pursuing a professional goal? Do you feel like your appearance stands out among your younger coworkers? With a rejuvenated and more energetic expression, you can enjoy the confidence you need to apply for that promotion, raise, or a new job.

Contact Our Team Today

If you would like to discuss your cosmetic goals with our oculoplastic surgeons, we invite you to schedule an informational consultation. Please call (213) 451-6824 or email the Eyesthetica office today.

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