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Makeup is a tool with many uses: it can be used as a glowing backdrop to natural beauty or a bold statement of individuality. But like any tool, when used poorly it can create exactly the opposite effect to which it was intended, causing you to look old, haggard, and tired. Don’t let this happen to you! Here are some makeup mistakes you might be making, and how to avoid them for a fresher-looking face.

Over-defining Your Brows

Our eyebrows get sparser as we age, but the answer is not penciled-in brows that are overly defined and unnaturally shaped. Since the brows frame the entire face, it is good to give attention to their appearance. When creating fuller-looking brows with makeup, avoid the stark look of too-dark eyeliner or powder that can make you look harsh. Instead, stick with a pencil or powder that is the same shade or slightly darker than your eyebrow, and once you apply it, be sure to blend it into your natural brow.

Using Metallic Eyeshadow

Metallic and shimmery eyeshadow can create a garish look when applied to aging skin, as it often emphasizes creases, lines, and drooping lids. These glittery shadows often migrate to small crevices in the skin, like crow’s feet lines, which is akin to having a big red arrow pointing to these age-revealers. Pick matte and warm-toned eyeshadows instead, and apply them with a light touch. To create the effect of brighter eyes and a more elevated brow line, apply a light eyeshadow to the inner corner of each eye and just along the brow bone. This will make you look more refreshed and alert, for an overall younger-looking visage.

Making a Thick or Uneven Eyeliner Line

Aging eyelids can be saggy and crepey, creating a troublesome environment for drawing a straight eyeliner line. Jagged, uneven lines are a result of the eyeliner trying to glide over the furrows and crevices of the lid. And eyeliner that is too dark or over-applied can draw attention to dark under-eye circles and give an overall hollow appearance to the eyes. Brown eyeliner is a softer-looking alternative to stark black. Try to run it along the lash line of your upper lashes only, leaving the lower lash line bare to create a more open, illuminated-looking face.

Overdoing Your Lashes

There is a reason that young girls and women who compete in beauty pageants often wear a lot of mascara: they are trying to look older. A heavy hand with mascara has the same effect on women who are older. Spindly or clumpy lashes could create a macabre look on women who are past their thirties. And mascara on the lower lashes can easily creep into wrinkles, making you look tired and stressed out. If you’re a woman of a certain age, you have no reason to stop playing with mascara, as it can still be used for a widening, lifting effect. Just bear in mind that the best way of achieving this is to apply mascara starting at the root of your lashes and on your upper lashes only.

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Want Younger-Looking Eyes Instantly?

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