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Botox is a great procedure to soften noticeable lines and wrinkles, but some people are reluctant to have injectable treatment because they worry about pain and discomfort.

The team at Eyesthetica, a group of cosmetic eye and facial surgeons in Los Angeles, can tell you that Botox treatment is not a significantly painful experience. It is almost universally well tolerated by patients, most of whom visit us every few months for regular treatment. Here, we break down what you can expect during and after Botox treatment.

During Botox Treatment

As long as Botox is administered by a qualified and experienced injector, the injections should not hurt. Ideally, the injector should be someone that performs Botox treatment every day because their technique is more refined and they are used to working with many kinds of patients with different pain thresholds.

The treatment process is very quick and simple. Most people don’t even notice the injections because the needles used during treatment are so tiny. The physicians at Eyesthetica usually use a 32 gauge needle, similar in size to the painless needles used in acupuncture. Patients might feel a minuscule prick or pinch, but the pain is unlikely. Holding a stress ball can help distract anxious patients from the sensation.

If you are worried about pain, ask your injector to apply a numbing cream to the treatment area about 10 minutes prior to the injections. This cream can minimize the sting or pinch and make you more comfortable.

After Botox Treatment

When injected properly, Botox should not cause any post-treatment pain or issues besides mild redness, bruising and swelling. Qualified injectors know how to prevent significant bruising and take steps to avoid it (although certain people are simply prone to bruising). The swelling may subside by the time the patient leaves the office. Bruising can be reduced by using a homeopathic remedy known as Arnica Montana.

Most patients are able to return to work and the rest of their normal activities right after treatment. We recommend avoiding strenuous exercise for about 24 hours after getting Botox.

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