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Due to an increasingly competitive job market that is flooded with younger, attractive candidates, the desire for men “of a certain age” to look young and rejuvenated has grown. Even men that have retired from the workplace still deserve to look and feel youthful.

Practices like Eyesthetica offer eyelid surgery to reverse signs of aging and restore a rested, energetic appearance to the eyes. However, our cosmetic eye surgeons in Los Angeles understand that men and women require different surgical approaches in order to produce natural results. Here, we explain some of the special considerations and challenges of eyelid surgery for men, and how we tailor our surgical techniques to their specific needs.

Use a Conservative Approach

In general, male eyelid surgery is performed in a more conservative manner than female eyelid surgery. The surgeon limits the amount of tissue, fat and skin that is removed, in order to avoid over-correction and telltale signs of surgery. The incisions are usually shorter in male eyelid surgery, too.

Avoid Arching the Outside Corner of the Eyelid

It is so important for eyelid surgeons to respect and maintain the characteristics that make men look masculine and handsome. An example is outer corners of the eyelids. An attractive and youthful female eyelid has a slight arch on the outside corner; however, male eyelids are not arched. Experienced surgeons know not to put as high of an arch on the outside corner of the eye in male patients as female patients, because the effect would make the man look feminine.

In addition, the incision location, which usually correlates with the desired eyelid crease height, should be placed lower in men than in women. Women prefer a higher lid crease to allow for a platform to place makeup such as eye shadow. However the same incision design in a man will increase the risk of feminizing the eyelid.

Refrain from Elevating the Brow

Another example of a masculine feature is the position and arch of the brow. Female eyebrows tend to sit a little bit higher on the brow bone and have a slight arch; whereas male eyebrows sit flat on the brow bone, or a little bit lower. Over elevating the brow in a man gives him a more female-like appearance.

Keep Cheekbones Flush and Level

Eyelid surgery is often combined with some sort of volume restoration to the cheeks, perhaps with dermal fillers. This helps to keep the transition between the lower eye and cheek smooth. Experienced surgeons understand they should keep the cheeks flush and level in a male patient, whereas women generally prefer a little more definition and elevation in their cheekbones.

Learn More about Eyelid Surgery

If you or your significant other has questions about the eyelid surgery procedure, don’t hesitate to reach out to Eyesthetica. Give us a call at (213) 451-6824 or send us an email to set up an informational consultation.