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Computer vision syndrome, known as CVS, is a recently diagnosed medical disorder in which the use of computers, tablets, and phones negatively affects the eyes, neck, and head. In modern life, many of us spend hours a day staring at electronic devices. As a consequence, some people experience headaches, blurry vision, neck muscle soreness/tightness, or eye strain. Some people have even more severe problems such as vertigo, dizziness, dry eye, double vision, and inability to focus. Symptoms can be aggravated further by poor lighting and seating conditions. Recent studies show that up to 90 percent of people that spend three or more hours working on a computer suffer from CVS.

Therapy for CVS

The easiest and most effective method to lessen eye strain while working with a computer is by using the “20/20/20” method. What this means is that for every 20 minutes one spends using an electronic device, they should stop and focus their eyes on an object that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. By doing this, the eye muscles are allowed to relax. Purposefully blinking the eyes rapidly every few minutes helps replenish eye moisture and can prevent dry eye. Closing the eyes rests the eye muscles and helps reset focus. Many patients find that simply placing a note on their monitor reminding them to use these methods has helped reduce their eye discomfort.

Patients that experience prolonged inability to focus would be well advised to invest in a pair of over-the-counter eyeglasses of the type found in drug stores. The generic plus-powered (1.00 to 1.50 D) lenses oftentimes enable people to better focus on objects near to them after looking at a screen.

Those that suffer from dry eyes during or after using an electronic device for an extended period may find relief by using over-the-counter artificial tears.

All of these methods are of little to no cost to patients and can greatly improve one’s quality of life.

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