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Scar management is an important consideration during any type oculofacial surgery. Your face is constantly on display, and you don’t want scars to distract from the results of your cosmetic procedure.

At Eyesthetica, we plan for the minimization of visible scarring before all of our procedures. In this post, our Los Angeles oculoplastic surgeons discuss scar management consideration in detail.

Start With Scar Prevention

Visible scars should be prevented whenever possible. This is where good surgical technique can really make a difference because an experienced oculoplastic surgeon will be able to hide your scars in different places depending on the type of procedure.

For example, scars can be hidden behind the hairline in a brow lift procedure or, in the case of a direct brow lift, incisions can be hidden by the eyebrows. In other procedures, the natural eyelid crease may be used as an incision point to reduce the visibility of scars.

If you are concerned about scarring, talk to your oculoplastic surgeon about whether visible scarring can be prevented during surgery. You may find that your scars can be hidden from view entirely, depending on the type of procedure.

How to Reduce Scarring After Surgery

For cosmetic procedures, incision points should be carefully planned to reduce the appearance of scars. However, it isn’t always possible to plan the location of surgical incisions.

Some patients need surgery due to accidents that caused trauma to the face or eyes. Others have tumors that need to be removed from the orbital region. In these cases, we may be forced to make incisions in visible areas of the face or eyes.

However, we will still attempt to minimize visible incisions, even for functional oculofacial procedures. When we can’t completely eliminate the appearance of scars, we will suggest some scar reduction techniques be used after surgery.

One effective scar reduction method is the use of silicone gel. This product can be used once your skin has healed post-surgery, and can help heal scars and prevent them from forming.

Learn More About Scar Reduction Techniques

You can ask the experienced oculoplastic surgeons at Eyesthetica about scar minimization techniques during your initial consultation. Schedule an appointment to visit us in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, or one of our other office locations by calling (213) 451-6824 today.