Revisional Surgery Los Angeles

Unfortunately, previous cosmetic surgery can sometimes lead to unwanted changes in the appearance or function of the eyelids and face. The doctors at Eyesthetica are experts at both surgical and non-surgical options for revising previous and problematic eyelid surgery.

Am I a candidate for revisional surgery?

The most important reason to consider revisional surgery is to restore the normal function and protection of your eyes. Previous surgery can lead to changes in eyelid position such as ptosis (drooping of the eyelids) or retraction (shortening of the eyelids or eyelids pulling downward). These problems cause changes to the natural blink motion and can make complete closure of the eyes more difficult. Common symptoms include dry eyes, blurry vision, and eye pain. Additionally, overly aggressive removal of skin, muscle, and fat by other surgeons may result in scarring, volume loss, and hollowing which prematurely ages the face.

Who can I trust for revisional surgery?

The eyelids and surrounding facial features are delicate structures that require special care and consideration to prevent problems with the eyes and the vision. The doctors at Eyesthetica are all certified members of the America Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS), signifying that they have specialized training not only in the eyelids and face, but also in the treatment and prevention of disease of the eye and vision. The health of your eyes and face are best trusted to an oculofacial specialist, especially when it comes to revisional surgery.

What are some techniques used in revisional surgery?

Revisional surgery is tailored for each patient’s specific needs. Overall, the techniques employed by the doctors of Eyesthetica focus on improving the position of the eyelids, scar revision, and volume restoration. Specific methods of rehabilitation may involve the surgical reestablishment of anatomical structures connections. Scarred or retracted eyelids may be addressed by borrowing skin and other tissue from the ear or roof of the mouth (hard palate). Skin and soft tissue scars may be revised with surgery or laser therapy, and volume changes can often be restored with dermal fillers or fat grafting.

As problems from previous eyelid or facial surgery can be quite diverse, we recommend a consultation with one of our specialists to assess your individual needs to restore your eyelid and visual health.

Cost of Revisional Surgery

The cost of revisional surgery varies, depending on the patient and the scope of the case. We can provide specific pricing information upon consultation, once we have a clearer idea of your needs. Typically, revisional surgery cost includes the facility fees, surgeon’s fees, and cost of anesthesia.

Will Revisional Surgery Be Covered by Insurance?

In some cases, revisional surgery is considered an elective cosmetic procedure and therefore patients do not qualify for health insurance coverage (including coverage in the case of a complication). However, sometimes surgery is performed to restore the protection of the eye and vision and may be covered by insurance. Please check with your individual policy and insurer for details.

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