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Eyelid Surgery Beverly Hills

If you are considering restorative or cosmetic eyelid surgery, the doctors of Eyesthetica can be the premier choice for the most enriching and comprehensive procedures.  Dr. Steven C. Dresner, Michael Burnstine, and David B. Samimi are among the most experienced ophthalmic plastic and eyelid surgery specialists in the Beverly Hills area.

Our team has served thousands of patients and provided a variety of treatments.  These include eye ptosis surgery, Asian eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, ectropion surgery, and entropion surgery.  These are comfortable treatments that involve little or no skin incisions.  We are specialists in delivering life-changing results in the most optimized and comfortable manner.

Eyesthetica is a highly recommended center for oculofacial plastic surgery in the area.  Our doctors are board certified ophthalmologists who understand the precise work required to effectively treat eyes and eyelids.  The artistic skill and broad experience of our team is apparent in the fantastic results we have produced for patients.  Thousands of patients have seen aesthetically rewarding results from the hands of our surgeons.

If you are looking towards eyelid surgery to correct problems such as aging, injury, or eye diseases, you can place your trust in our nationally-recognized surgeons and their team.  Please call us today to schedule your consultation.

Eyelid Surgery Beverly Hills

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