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History of Eyelid Reconstruction Perform by Eyesthetica

This 72-year-old woman had 2 previous upper blepharoplasties to correct her droopy eyelids and lower eyelid blepharoplasty for cosmetic enhancement by a Plastic Surgeon. She came to Eyesthetica very depressed and worried about her appearance. Her eyes were very uncomfortable.

Her Findings

She was found to have severe bilateral upper eyelid drooping and significant lower eyelid retraction due to aggressive previous surgery. She had a change in her facial appearance with loss of her Asian eyelids. In addition, the whites of her eyes were very visible, and she had severe dry eye.

The Fix

To correct her eyelid malposition, she underwent conservative bilateral upper eyelid ptosis repair (droopy eyelid surgery) to elevate her upper eyelids. At the same time, she had cheek lifting with tarsal transfer from the upper eyelids to lower eyelids with lower eyelid tightening to address her lower eyelid retraction. Six months after the procedure, she was very pleased with her eyelid height and contour.

The upper eyelid surgery was conservative due to severe dry eye.

At Eyesthetica, we are not only concerned about the cosmetic result, but we care deeply about the health of the eye.


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