Eye Socket Surgery

We perform enucleation, evisceration and secondary eye socket procedures. Enucleation is a procedure where the eye muscles are detached from the eye and then the whole eye is removed.

An orbital implant is then inserted to replace the volume of the eye. Evisceration removes the cornea and the inner portions of the eye.

It preserves the sclera, or white portion of the eye and avoids the necessity of detaching the eye muscles. An orbital implant is also inserted into the scleral cavity during the surgery.

We also perform secondary eye socket surgery. This includes repairing upper eyelid ptosis, lower eyelid retraction and ectropion.

We can also repair the sunken appearance of the upper eyelid, or the superior suclcus deformity. Secondary orbital implants or dermis-fat grafts can be used to replace an exposed or migrated implant.

Dr. Dresner is the designer of the Medpor Multipurpose Conical Orbital Implant , MCOI produced by Porex Medical Corporation. He was also the co-designer of the Medpor Smooth Surface Tunnel Implant, SST, also produced by Porex.

Dr. Dresner is also one of the first physicians to utilize the Medpor Attractor Implant. This implant includes a removable metal screw which when coupled with an eye prosthesis with a small embedded magnet, provides improved movement of the artificial eye.

Eye Socket Surgery Los Angeles

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