Thyroid Eye Disease Treatment

We perform many surgeries to rehabilitate the deformities related to thyroid eye disease, or Grave’s disease. The deformities associated with thyroid eye disease include upper eyelid retraction, lower eyelid retraction, eye protrusion or proptosis and prolapse of the orbital fat.

We correct upper eyelid retraction either through the inside of the eyelid or through the upper eyelid skin. Lower eyelid retraction can be repaired either by orbital decompression or lower eyelid surgery via canthoplasty, conjunctivoplasty with hard palate grafts.

Fatty decompression can be performed through the inside of the lower eyelid. This can be augmented with upper eyelid surgery and removal of the medial fat pad. We also perform bony decompression.

This can be performed through the inside of the lower eyelid or tran-antrally through a small incision above the teeth in the mouth. Decompression surgery enlarges the orbital space by removing the bone adjacent to the sinuses.

Fatty decompression may be performed at the same time.

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