Eye Tearing Solutions in Los Angeles

We treat a number of different tearing problems, both simple and complex. We treat dry eyes by placing punctual plugs or punctual occlusion. Occasionally tightening and raising the lower eyelid will improve dry eyes as well.

Tearing problems may be related to narrow or blocked tear ducts. We treat children with congenital nasolacrimal duct obstructions. This can be repaired by probing or placing a temporary silicone tube in the duct.

Tearing problems in adults may be related to a narrow punctum, or opening of the duct on the eyelid margin. This can be repaired in the office with a minor procedure to enlarge the passageway.

Partial or complete nasolacrimal duct obstructions usually require an outpatient procedure such as dacryocystorhinostomy or DCR. This procedure can be performed endoscopically or via a small incision on the side of the nose.

A small tube is inserted at the time of surgery and then removed in the office at a later date. Insurance will usually cover these procedures.

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