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Upper Blepharoplasty

The goals of upper blepharoplasty are to enhance one’s appearance without greatly altering one’s identity. Our technique is tailored for each patient taking into account their specific anatomy, ethnicity and personal goals.

Various amounts of skin are removed as required. Fat removal is tailored to each person’s anatomic requirements. In some patients no fat is removed. In others, the medial fat pads are trimmed. In others both the medial and central fat pads are addressed.

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We do not excise or remove the muscle around the eyelids, the Orbicularis Oculi muscle. Preserving this muscle maintains the strength of closing and blinking and helps maintain fullness in the upper eyelid with a natural, non-surgical appearance. The one exception to this is in Asian eyelid surgery, where a thin strip of muscle is excised to help form the eyelid crease.

This procedure is appropriate for both women and men, yet must be planned differently for each gender. Blepharoplasty in men must be performed differently than in women. In men the incision is usually marked lower on the upper eyelid than I women. In addition, much more conservative excision of fat is recommended in men.

The Orbicularis muscle is also preserved to ensure a full, virile look to the upper eyelid. Insurance may cover some of upper blepharoplasty if the skin hangs over the eyelid margin and obscures the visual fields or the excess skin pushes the eyelashes downward to interfere with visual function. For upper blepharoplasty in Los Angeles, Encino, Palm Desert, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Torrance and Valencia contact Eyesthetica.

Asian Blepharoplasty

Our approach to Asian blepharoplasty is similar to our regular philosophy for blepharoplasty with certain modifications. In Asians, we want to create a “double fold” without significantly altering one’s appearance or identity. We excise appropriate amounts of skin and fat with a small strip of Orbicularis muscle. Suture closure includes “supra-tarsal fixation” which helps to create the eyelid crease.

This approach creates a softer, less surgical upper eyelid crease and fold in Asian blepharoplasty. For Asian Eyelid Surgery in Los Angeles, Encino, Palm Desert, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Torrance and Valencia contact Eyesthetica.

Lower Blepharoplasty

Rejuvenating the lower eyelid may include fat excision or repositioning, skin excision or mid-face elevation. Occasionally we will recommend volume augmentation with fillers such as Restylane. The majority of patients we see will benefit from transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty.

This technique involves excising or repositioning the fatty compartments of the lower eyelid through a hidden incision inside the lid. This approach provides a natural, non-surgical look after surgery which preserves the structure and function of the Orbicularis muscles in the lower eyelid. Some patients have excess skin in lower lid and may benefit from pinch skin excision or laser skin resurfacing.

This can be performed alone or in conjunction with transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty. This technique also preserves the Orbicularis Oculi muscle and insures preservation of the lower eyelid contour and position. Some patients also benefit from lateral canthopexy to stabilize the lower eyelid position at the time of lower blepharoplasty.

A canthopexy is a stitch which is placed near the outer corner of the lower eyelid inside the tissues. This stitch keeps the eyelid in position while healing. It dissolves in four to six weeks. In patients with significant lower eyelid laxity a canthoplasty or full thickness lower eyelid tightening is necessary. Some patients may require mid-face elevation to rejuvenate the lower eyelid-cheek complex.

In this procedure the eyelids and cheeks are repositioned upward to smooth the contours and elevate the structures of the mid-face. This is most useful in patients with malar bags, or “bags on bags”. For Lower Blepharoplasty in Los Angeles, Encino, Palm Desert, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Torrance and Valencia contact Eyesthetica.

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